Monday, March 29, 2010

Old favorites

I've had quite a few local requests lately about my jewelry, if I'm going to sell at the market again this summer, if the jewelry can be found on my website, etc. etc. I used to rely on the market as an easy way to show my pieces without having to spend the hours it takes to photograph them halfway decently and then load them into my Etsy shop.

But I've decided not to sell at the market this summer and so my online shop becomes the central place to showcase my wares. The decision is bittersweet but most definitely the right one for me, for the family. And, the best part is I get to go to the market just for the fun of visiting and purchasing all the good stuff that it has to offer.

So I'm experiencing what a joy it is all over again to be model and photographer, editor and shop owner, copywriter. Taking also into account the fact that I hate (yes hate) having my picture taken the whole process is a laugh.

But here you have the first two, my little red raspberry

and cherry blossom.

So please enjoy and stay tuned for coming attractions. I may be auditioning new models soon, we'll see how much of myself I can take.


The Chapman Family said...

I will definitely miss your shop at the Market this year. I am sure it will be nice though to have more flexibility on the weekends. Hope to see you soon!

Kristi Lou said...

Nice work, Amy! And nice lighting for the photos!