Saturday, March 20, 2010


"Yes" I say when people ask if the time has gone by fast. Yes, I can hardly remember the early days but at the same time it feels like yesterday when I was waddling my way into the doctor's office for what would be my final pregnancy visit with her.

"Nothing's happening" I was assured, her due date was still 10 days out, but less that 12 hours later she was in my arms, my Spring baby, all 8 1/2 pounds of her. A bright, fun-loving dreamer with a penchant for storytelling, hamming it up and somehow enough empathy for the world. The best part is just watching her do her thing, the most important is not getting in her way.

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Anonymous said...

"Blink" is sooooo true. And watching them become is the best. Happy Birthday, Mom & Baby.