Saturday, August 1, 2009

Glory day

If you've been following my random thoughts here on this blog for any given time, you'd know by now that we've been stuck on dialup internet service for the past 10 years and we've had satellite tv, which isn't so bad (the tv that is) except that you have no tv when the weather is bad which is precisely the time when you'd really like to have some news, especially during hurricane season. The dialup, on the other hand is torturous. Well, it was anyway, until we finally had Comcast (high speed internet/phone/tv) installed yesterday. hallelujah.

The most frustrating part was that the people directly across the street from us could, for the past 10 years, have Comcast but we were simply too far from the cable to get it. We had men out 3 separate times to investigate and it wasn't until the third time this past February that they agreed to bury the cable up to the house for us. That was only after I chased the cable man down through the field and across the street (he later fessed up that he saw me coming and ran) and he let me talk to the lady in charge on his cell phone, standing there in the field, both of us, on a cold February day. hallelujah.

So the long story has almost come to a close. We had to buy a new phone, we needed a new one anyway, and currently the internet connection is spotty, until they come to bury one last cable that leads from the pedestal to the house. They say there's quite a bit of interference currently and we can't drive over the cable, which makes our circle driveway user unfriendly. And there you have it, the whole saga in a nutshell, and hopefully in a couple of days you will never, ever have to hear me moan and groan about dialup anytime again. hallelujah.


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Real world meets farm house!

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