Monday, August 24, 2009


When the first day somehow feels like the last day too,

when leaving home and starting a new phase brings trepidation and worry,

it means everything to have a big brother and sister to lead you.

So today I spent some time looking to my own "big sisters" if you will, let's just call them girlfriends, to guide me along a new path that now looks as wide open as when I first stopped working to stay home and raise children.

I tried for a minute or two to shove myself back into the physical therapy box, thinking that I would just let it take over and let all my other pursuits fall to the wayside, that I needed to see myself as just one thing, a producer, a financial contributor, an outside-the-house-working-mom. And while that may be part of what I am or what I do, it is just one part and to let the others fade just doesn't feel right.

I'm left once again feeling my way through the future and looking all around for guidance, finding it in the openness and enthusiasm of my children, the welcoming arms of new friends, the silent urging that comes from within, and a heart that knows much more than I about which way to go.

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Pamela said...

I hope it was a great day!!