Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Well it's about time

Here's what it looks like outside:

And here's what it looks like inside:

So here I sit, crouched by the fire finally beginning my first sweater project for MYSELF! I have knit oodles of sweaters, hats and other goodies for the shop and many gifts, but never the sweater that's just for me. Part of my procrastination is that I think it's got to be the end all be all sweater. Perfect yarn, perfect pattern, you get the idea. But I took the advice of a friend who reminded me it doesn't have to be the very LAST sweater I knit for myself. The lightbulb went off, I bit the bullet and for about the 5th time got started.

So I'm actually following a pattern (I never follow patterns except my own, that whole copywright issue) from Debbie Bliss "Home". It's the "diagonal-front jacket". And it's not for sale! Of course I'm using the wrong yarn and so it will have a completely different look than the one in the book. I'm just hoping it looks how I want it too after blocking cause right now it's a little lumpy!

But I always say, I learn more from my mistakes than I do from my successes so if it doesn't turn out so great I've got alot of yarn to make some awesome felted bags with!


patience said...

Tell me why it takes so long for us to actually do something for ourselves? I don't get it but I'm so right there with ya sista!

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished work of art in all it's Amy loveliness...

Pamela said...

Charming! Ah, enjoy the fire and toastiness and relaxed knitting. I am eager to see the sweater as it progresses - somehow I think yours is going to be finished much sooner than mine. Enjoy!