Sunday, December 23, 2007


My husband loves a good purge, and today it was the TV's turn. We are a hand-me-down kind of family, complete with clothes, computers, furniture, kitchen cabinets, appliances and TV's to name a few. So the used TV in our bedroom that likes to turn itself off randomly without warning has been evoking alot of negative energy in a room that's supposed to be restful. Today he nabbed his chance to get rid of it. The TV the kids watch (the only other one in the house) also turns itself on and then immediately off. So out it went and in it's place the one from our bedroom. If he has his way they'll all be gone when the last one finally breaks.

This prompted a complete upheaval of our already dismantled and disorganized bedroom. I sit here now with the computer on my lap, the second hand ancient one out in the hallway hopefully for the kids to use, the printer's on the floor, the ugly, old computer table is blocking the bedroom door, stuff for Goodwill piled in a corner, weights, stacks of paper and magazines along with random knitting stuff here there and everywhere. A real Martha Stewart nightmare!

In the midst of it all he started his usual rant about moving to Bali and living in a shack and fishing 24 hrs a day. Simplify! He says. But I'm not so sure he knows where Bali is.

I just smile and go along. Following behind him with a paper towel or dustrag, happy to scoop up all the old dust bunnies that lurk under heavy objects that never get moved. The change will be nice, refreshing even. Music perhaps a more enjoyable alternative.

I feel like we've rearranged a surprising number of times in our 9 1/2 years in this house. It is an old farmhouse built in the 1930's that needed a huge amount of work done. We gutted it (and I do mean WE) and renovated for a year and a half while living in one bedroom that moved around alot. We then restored it with only minor cosmetic changes, keeping it's original character but bringing it up to date in terms of water, heat/air, useable kitchen, CLOSETS, etc. It looks big, with big rooms but there is little to no extra storage, with 3 bedrooms and 5 people and a cat. We love it and use every square inch of it with no room to grow. Perfect for my "get rid of this junk" husband--if you don't include his 90 foot pole barn where he conveniently stashes every leftover bit and gadget he finds. I love you, honey!

The real treat to this old place is the 7 acres it sits on. A true luxury in my mind. Room to play, room to dream, room to run. So while Bali may sound nice, I think I'll stay right here and watch the fields grow, the deer graze and the groundhogs dash under the house, even though they aggravate the skunk that wanders under there too, but THAT is another story!


Pamela said...

There must be something in the air! My husband has been doing quite a bit of purging too. However, I don't like it when he gets too close to my stuff. I have new shoes coming into the house for Christmas, so I suppose I must decide which ones must go out...

KevJoyner said...

I said Belize

amy said...

oh honey! I suppose you DO know where Belize is!

patience said...

Oh I am the Kevin in my house! Josiah is a total pack rat. I am always forcing him to throw stuff out BUT, I totally feel endeared to hand me downs so I'm constantly acquiring new junk.
I think hand me downs are like treasures, especially the kind that come unexpectedly.

K- I hope an exotic fishing trip is in your future whether you know where it is or not! ;}