Tuesday, October 30, 2012

While we wait

After all the storm preparation is complete, the laundry folded, groceries stowed, vaccuum put away, animals prepped and porch swing taken down off its chain there is nothing left to do but wait.  Sandy took her time coming and she's taken her time in leaving and churns over top of us dumping buckets of rain, causing destruction. 

I thought she'd never come.

The big trees waited. 

We all waited.  I am grateful for a warm, dry house and all that fills it.  Returning here after being out in the storm is true comfort, home.

It is on these cooped up, holed up, days of turning inward that we look to each other for our collective strength.  We do what we do to fill rainy days.  We play games, watch movies, go stir crazy, make messes, clean them up, get lazy, take naps, pick up a little crochet--a brightly colored granny square throw made from stash yarn to liven up the window seat, you know, the usual.  This simple, family life.

And on this day of waiting a little blog revamping was done, I hope you like the new look.  Please subscribe via email, follow, stay in touch however you see fit.  I'd love to have you back.  Oh, and leave your comments, let's keep the conversation going.

{added: for those of you having trouble leaving comments, I've disabled the comment moderation piece.  let's hope the Chinese sex-trafficking website comments continue to go to my spam box.  if they don't, please continue to disregard}

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