Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Over the hurdle

Tuesday did not suck.

There is a common misconception that Monday is the worst day of the week but I disagree.  Tuesday takes that honor and you'd have a hard time convincing me otherwise. Tuesday is the nondescript black hole somewhere between one weekend and the next.  As Sunday draws to a close its sweet taste lingers.  The late mornings, leisurely meals, playtime are long gone, and next Friday seems impossible to grasp.  My blog readership is it's lowest on Tuesdays. When my Etsy shop was open sales were usually lowest on Tuesday.  The world is in a funk on Tuesday. 

I have three standout memories of getting in trouble in my younger days, decent-sized trouble, the memory-making kind of trouble and two such events happened on Tuesdays. One was in college and one in graduate school and my parents never found out.  Thank the heavens.  I was in trouble with myself (mostly), and no one got hurt, I just ended up the fool.  Lessons learned.  Neither was anything serious like a DUI or unplanned pregnancy so don't even let your mind go there.  My point is merely that they happened on Tuesday nights.  What is wrong with Tuesday?

But yesterday was a rare, effortless, even pleasant Tuesday.  It rained and was dreary which I usually hate but yesterday I found I didn't care.  It was a dreary, pleasant, rainy, seamless, easy day where calling work to offer extra help came naturally, effortlessly up through the phone.  Why are some days just so hard, others so uncomplicated? Why are some Tuesdays, Tuesdays and some not?

There was something in the air yesterday I'm convinced.  My husband called and reviewed his list of items-crossed-off.  It was lengthy, involved, but he'd gone through it one item at a time, and had accomplished much, even his voice sounded cool.

Yes, there was probably something in the air, some supernatural force directing traffic and untangling life's confusion, but all I found were gnats and humidity on an afternoon run.  Thankfully I'd worn a hat and kept my mouth shut.


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