Thursday, May 24, 2012

To Whom it May Concern

Dear Nike, (or Champion, or Avia, or...)

I am a runner.  I don't run marathons or even enter races but I am a faithful, regular, solitary, middle-aged (yikes!) runner.  I am requesting that you add a zippered pocket to the front of your jog bras because that's really where I'd like to stash my iPod.  It's not small.  It's a big, flat iPod touch and I have an arm band for it which is fine in the winter, but when the weather starts to heat up it gets  funky and really wet.  I don't want to sport a three-inch white arm band tan on my left bicep either.  I don't like the belt gadgets (too bulky, uncomfortable) and I haven't found a zippered pocket in a pair of shorts or running pants yet that can accomodate my device, nor do I want the pocket on my posterior where it's hard to access.  I currently stash it under the left strap of my jog bras, just under my collar bone.  I find I can grab it easily there when I want to switch songs because despite the fact that I create my own playlists they never seem perfect in the moment.  There is a bit of slippage with my current method as I start to heat up, but the device stays put for the most part.  I tried to run once with my phone in the same spot but it's just too heavy and slid too much and I looked like I had an irregular and oversized pacemaker.  It might work though if I had a nifty pocket, then I could run and talk to my husband at the same time, drives him crazy.

Please pardon me if you make such a bra and I just haven't found it yet.  Believe me I've looked.  And if, after hearing my idea you'd like to add me to your creative team I'd surely be honored. 



beth lehman said...

i am with you on this one. let me know if you ever find just the right thing!!

Amy said...

lululemon pants have a really nice little pocket in the waistband for things just like an ipod.

amy said...

I will check out Lululemon pants (thanks!) and will definitely report if I find the perfect bra!