Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Problem solved

A friend will listen to your troubles until all hours of the night.  She will let your dog out to pee, watch your kids without hesitation, clean your kitchen and help you navigate the waters when life looks like Jerry Springer: the post-graduate episodes (read: psychosis dressed up with money, a sense of entitlement and fancy vocabulary).

Some friends, when they hear of your quest to find the perfect running bra complete with stash pocket for iPod, will actually search the Internet high and low for them.  They will then kindly send you a list of links, five or six, containing different bras from which to choose because they are "just so curious".  Apparently I am not the only desperate runner who wants to stash items in her bra, one of the oldest hiding places known to (wo)man.  My patients hide all kinds of stuff in theirs, probably where I got the idea.

None of those found by dear Pam appear to be made by Nike, Champion, Asics or Avia which means I was merely looking in the wrong places.  I like the looks of this one by the North Face in particular and hope to find it at REI.  In any case I'll let you know how it all turns out.

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