Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bright Spots

oh darlin'
turn that finger 'round
you're the one bringin' you down
you're the one bringin' you down

wake up every mornin' wish you had somewhere to go
had somethin' to show for it
singin' on the sidelines
just waitin' for the wind to blow
~ HoneyHoney

This week's mood brighteners:

1. Picked up training for that half-marathon I may never run
2. Watched my son turn into a budding entrepreneur at school (I knew it was in his blood)
3. Got lost in a new book
4. Seriously found my groove at work
5. Took some advice 347th hand which helped significantly with item #1--sweet relief
6. Continued early waking routine and forward momentum despite amnesia
7. Turned off husband's comments that pertained to my "singular focus" (he may have said "one track mind")
8. Flirted with him instead to create distraction
9. Laughed
10. Listened hard to lyrics like those above. Oh, HoneyHoney. So true.

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