Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yes, I still knit

A much needed office clean out uncovers all sorts of little goodies like these hats, among other knitted gems.  People used to wonder and ask me all the time, how I had the time to "make all this stuff".  I now wonder that myself.  How in the world.

I've slowed down and moved on to other things, but the knitting hasn't gone away completely.

I'm in the midst of a custom order, two hats, one with a Porsche, the other with a Holstein cow, not kidding.  People know what they want.

I'm making raglan-sleeved sweater for daughter #3 with plans for one for daughter #2 right after.

Will there be one for myself?  That remains the unanswered question.

The nice part now is there's no pressure.  No shows, no market, no late nights.  My own pace, on my time, what little there is of it.

These past six months have been some of the most difficult, knitting if anything should be a comfort rather than another added stressor.  I know I will look back and it will all make so much more sense than right now when I'm still standing right on top of it.  Looking forward.

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