Monday, September 12, 2011

Hittin' the trail

I laced up my running shoes again after taking a couple of weeks off to nurse a little injury.  I'm surprised I could start again so soon and hope my ambition doesn't get the best of me.  There was a sudden "POP!" and a hobble, and fire and loss of use and that sudden feeling of old that accompanies injury.  I really hate it.

"Your body is trying to tell you something" a good friend offered as he shared his marathon training stories and weekly mileage.

"Said the preacher to the choir," I thought and kept to myself.  Frustrated.  Old.

I'd only just bought these shoes, my favorite kind that I buy year after year so I could throw my trashed ones out.  I had just started having racing visions for the first time, but now....

Time will tell.  Time and ice and perseverance and a whole lotta stretching beforehand.  I'm just glad to be back out there on my trail.

My brain wakes up when I run.  I write in my head as I go.  Sometimes it is prayer.  Yesterday, I asked for forgiveness, for the ways in which I am hurtful, yet do not see it.  A good run.


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Pamela said...

Go get 'em! Love those kicks! I love running for the same reasons.