Thursday, September 22, 2011

Number 3

 I think it must be hard sometimes, to be the youngest, to be the littlest of three.  I've always joked she's not only my littlest but my loudest, ensuring she never gets forgotten.  But more than that she makes her presence known much before the other two.

She is glued to me, sitting at my feet as I type, talking incessantly until I remind her the 300th time to focus on homework.  It is nothing I planned for, but then all of this has been so unexpected in so many ways.

She melted down yesterday twice, consumed with tears over her sister's piano lessons, the focus on someone else besides her.  And while on the one hand I have to remember the egocentricities of the child mind, how all life is somehow about her at every moment in time, I couldn't pass up the teaching moment with a long, deep snuggle in a big oversized chair, while thumbing through magazines for distraction.


beth lehman said...

my #3 is just like this.... only she is really #2 born just minutes before #3 (a boy). she worries, she is loud, she is hilarious and just can't quit... falling down or touching me.... she teaches me patience every day! said...

I forgot to cut the cord on my number 3. Miss Jane and I are one. She is vibrant and sassy and unfocused and fun and draining and keeping me honest and though exhausting, I wouldn't have it any other way. Love her, you, and your number 3.