Monday, May 3, 2010

Meet the boyfriend

I'm not quite sure who's more smitten, me...

or Sunny.

When Quill showed up a few months ago I secretly hoped he was in need of a home and found out that he's just in need of a home with a little more going on. I worked hard on tracking down his owner and (unfortunately) did. Not that the owner is a problem, but rather I was really thinking he would be the perfect addition to the family and a fantastic playmate for Sunny, but kidnapping someone else's dog is not my style. We just borrow him.

He comes to visit whenever he can, traveling about a half mile through the woods and fields from his home, our distant neighbor. I'm pretty sure he smelled poultry and was on the prowl for some female companionship and hit the jackpot.

He plays with the kids, practically falling over to be petted and loved when they approach. He goes for jaunts in the backyard with Sunny and sleeps on our porch. He used to terrify the chickens but after just one scolding he now keeps his distance. So smart. Except he smells like skunk just about every other visit.

He had a brief encounter with the lawnmower, trying to attack it so we put him in the fence when there's cutting going on, the kids would be scarred for life if he were to have an accident. I have dreams that his owners will for some unforseen circumstance need to find him a home, our home. But for now I'll have to be content with him helping me take pictures of peonies.

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