Saturday, December 19, 2009

Then it snowed

Just in time for Christmas and more snow than I've seen in all my 17 years living here. I thought the blizzard we had last March was atypical for central VA and I was right, but this on top of it? In the same year? Very, very strange and it's still coming down. We may have 18" when it's all said and done and there are some people in this house who are beside themselves.

As a child I wouldn't have known what to do with myself. But as an adult I know my job when it snows consists of layering tons of clothing on 3 kids and then peeling it all off as they come in one by one, watching the ice balls fly through the house as I do. I am on snow patrol, snow cleanup, the one to corral the wet winter gear in front of the fire. I'm the hot chocolate maker extraordinaire, and all around feeder and cleaner upper. Pretty much like every day now that I think of it. But I whine.

I'll admit I love watching the action, the dog as she bounds and leaps through the white stuff so deep it's up to her chest in most places, the kids as they walk and fall and run and fall and slide and fall, and how they're big enough now to pull each other on their sleds.

Have no doubt about Sunny, she loves it too.

Do not feel sorry, or have pity.

I can assure you,

She's in heaven.

And in a little bit, when she's done playing with her children, she'll go curl up on her heated bed, in her cozy cedar-filled house, and take a long snooze until they come back out.

But for now, we are stocked and ready, the fire is mellow and warm, the snow clothes are gathered around it warming and drying and everyone is getting ready for round two, and three, and four and....

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