Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I may not want time to move on but it does anyway.  School starts, the kids go, everyone is happy and makes the best of it.  I finally have the chance to take one, big, giant, humongous, substantial, fulfilling, replenishing, essential, deep breath.  I'm no longer covering for anyone on vacation (until next week, that is) and am playing catch up on a million and one things and it feels so good.  I hadn't realized how absolutely crazy the summer was until it was over.  I was ready for full collapse.

The dog is healed.  Her surgery created a domino effect, the results of which I underestimated. I knew the aftermath would entail some juggling but adding about 5 more balls to the air was enough.  It is always good to return to baseline chaos.

the leg
The beans are high, the chickens have grown into roosters rather than hens (shock!) and the results are highly unfavorable.  I had one remaining hen that hadn't been taken by our resident fox and she is under attack.  The scene at the coop is deplorable.  The odds are too great I would have picked out six roosters by chance when the bin said "laying hens".  There had to have been a mix-up during shipment to Southern States.
"Return them," someone said. 
"And get laughed at," I said.  We have a humane neck-wringing and chicken cleaning/boiling lesson scheduled for Saturday by a close friend and the day can't come soon enough for our poor henny. 
"They're the perfect age for eating," he said.  At least they won't go to waste anyway.

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