Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blog revisited

Since you last visited I haven't knitted a thing. I quit the knitting job a long time ago. I stopped blogging sometime thereafter. I took a different PT job. My husband came back after six months away training for his new one. It was the longest six months of our marriage and my (hopefully) only attempt at nearly single motherhood. I struggled the whole way through. We lost many chickens, picked off by foxes or hawks I don't know which because they're clever. Our border collie killed a white hen that flew into the backyard. I don't fault the dog. We have new chicks and life goes on. Our lab mix blew out her knee at age four, qualified for an FDA drug trial which included a four-thousand dollar surgery for free. We signed on the dotted line. She's home resting comfortably with a swollen, shaved ham hock that the kids are scared to look at. She's getting a lot of attention and rest. We found out our kids aren't angels. I told a friend I've been training for a half-marathon I'll probably never run. I put on five pounds doing it which my husband said was good. I stopped running as much and lost three. We took a family vacation. I started writing a book. I'm reading more. I turn right and then left and follow life where it leads and write all these things down for you under the assumption you're interested.


Kristen said...

You were definitely missed! I love reading your posts. I hope you are able to share more in the future. However, you make me tired when I hear about your life. I know I couldn't keep up with you!

beth lehman said...

welcome back, amy. every once in a while i wondered how things were going. i have a necklace of yours that i love - i think i may have mentioned my best friend from college bought it for my 40th birthday. soon after, my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. i used the tinkling bell to remind me to pray for him during that time. he is fine - had surgery and his recovery has been great. i use it now to pray for friends who i know need encouragement. so, thanks - i LOVE it. good to hear from you.

Suzanne said...

Each time I read the blogs I enjoy, I always check in to see if you have posted. Yes, I see you and hear about certain things but those things are things of the moment, or about our kids or arranging a sleepover or talent show practice. So glad you are at it again - I have missed being a part of your life. Suz