Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Together again

And so ended 6 1/2 months of nearly single motherhood.  Just like that, with a graduation, from the training academy that took my husband away from us week after week after week, changing his status from resident father to weekend visitor.  It was not easy.  It was not fun.  It is not something we will repeat or look back upon fondly.  We are ALL glad it's over.  He steps out into a new career at midlife now and we watch and wait and hope it was all worth it.  We trust and have faith that it was.

To celebrate a dateless 6+ months we hit the water.  I tried my best to veg completely out and forget all but my name.

I knitted a little.

I zoned out to music.

I tried to see how many different ways I could photograph a fishing rod.

I enjoyed the Levi's scenery and the company of their occupant.

He, on the other hand tuned 'in' to trying to catch bait so he could catch bigger fish.  An endless quest, the thrill of which escapes me.  But, I drove him up and back and all around and here and there and everywhere chasing fish until finally....

...he netted the mother lode.

Which is always the case.  There is nothing for quite some time and then one netful is more than one man can use.

But none of that really matters.  The point was the getting away to a favorite spot.  The point was hours alone, in the car, the boat, lunch together at a restaurant with boat slips for parking spots.  The celebration was life together again, saying goodnight face to face and goodmorning the same way instead of via text messages. We're really beyond all that.

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