Monday, November 1, 2010

Knitting for the nook

It takes me a long time to make home furnishing decisions. A silly-too-long time, a way-too-long time, which is why I still don't have the pillows I want for my little window seat in the office. This is the most wonderful place to sit in the house, well, maybe a tie for by the woodstove, but it would be even better if I'd just make up my mind on some pillows.

I got to digging through my books the other day and came across this little number, the Humbug cushion in one of Debbie Bliss' books (love her) and it struck me that a knitter needs a knitted pillow cushion for the window seat in her office, right?

I showed it to the man of the house and he had several choice comments about what it reminded him of, the most appropriate to name here was Hershey's kiss. I started knitting it in stripes and in the round (just so it didn't resemble poo) for maybe 8 inches, didn't like it. Ripped it out. Then I started it just as it is above, ribbed and in brown. I'm bored with it. I'm thinking of going straight for some color, hot pink is what I'm leaning toward, but I'll take suggestions from the yarns below if you're so inclined.


Tara said...

I've been tempted by that pillow myself. I like the hot pink but I'm also liking the green.

Pam said...

Hot pink would add a punch of color. I also like the blue.

dsmurray said...

Hey Friend - I would vote for those warm blues and browns. Then it would not look like you know what but those 2 colors together are great. And I must say, I dearly love your bench!!!