Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Catching the light

I feel the light changing already, on my morning walks, in the evening as the sun sets earlier and earlier. I want to tell summer to stay, that I haven't had enough yet, that if it could, I'd like it to stick around all year. But that is a child's dream, and one that somehow I still entertain, as if dreaming young keeps me so, and staves off all things crochety and old.

At the beginning of summer the sun rises on one side of the barn, by mid-summer it comes up directly behind it, and by this time of the year I see it come up all the way on the opposite side of the barn and even further beyond. I know by it's progression where we are, and no matter how I long for the days to stay warm, I know they won't. I'm reminded that with change comes nostalgia, gratitude, humility. That I control practically nothing, and am here to witness, to participate, encourage, love and add rather than detract from a world that sometimes makes no sense.

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Kristi Lou said...

Nice post. I have been thinking the same thing as I turn the lights on earlier each evening. Winters are long here in Wisconsin, so it's sad to see the long, long days coming to an end.

Hope you and the family had a great summer! said...

Hi Amy, I love your blog and your posts! Thanks for visiting me on mine. I would love that hamstring hug thingy you have. Whereas I am getting much better, the sucker still kills when I drive. Will I see you possibly on Friday? Otherwise, maybe I could swing by. Best to you and yours on the first day of school. Peace, sister.