Sunday, November 8, 2009

The waiting room

I've dragged this rocking chair into my new office every day for the past four days to sit, to wait. Waiting for my daughter to get over her flu, waiting for my husband to come home from four days away fishing, waiting and dreaming and picturing this new office for all it will one day be.

I can see the sanctuary already and perhaps I'll start refering to it as "studio" rather than "office", which lacks the inspiration I already feel in the room. It's so light, and bright, and a happy, calm place.

I was sitting here this morning, listening to quiet music, knitting and conjuring up design ideas. The big window will one day be surrounded by a window seat, and cubbies all the way around. The built in desk and shelves on the other side of the room will be simple and white, the desktop with linen underneath a glass top, and a storage closet closed with a simple linen curtain rather than a door.

So, I'm starting with this as inspiration for background texture.

And this rug for the floor. I've wanted one like it since the '70's. Really.

As for color, this next picture pretty much encapsulates my idea for the rest of the room.

Along with these:

Then finally I'll have a place to hang this rustic rake I was given as a Christmas gift by my mother in law who just knew I'd be able to find a neat place for it one day. I hope she was right.

I'm thinking of hanging it on one of the walls and surrounding it with prints/pictures like this one, which I'm pretty sure I'll want to purchase. So with all of this coming together as it is I'm surprising myself. It's really not like me to have this much of a plan at this stage of the game, my decorating in the past being so thrown together as it were.

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Hickory Green Farm said...

your studio is already inspiring!