Friday, March 29, 2013

Great Expectations

"expectations are merely premeditated disappointments" --Wendy Silvers
to prepare for spring one must first:
detect fever, hear cough, look at sunken eyes
spend several hours at the pediatricians office
travel cross town to find the last remaining boxes of Tamiflu because "flu season is over"
fork over 120 bucks to cover all three kiddos just in case
pump her full of fluids and donuts (all she'd eat--don't judge)
pile on blankets, hand over remote
disinfect, disinfect, disinfect
chisel away at the ten loads of laundry that appeared overnight
work from home
[6 miles, 52:49, 8:48 ave pace, trail loop around the house]
make dinner
just. keep. moving.
8:30 pm, collapse

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