Monday, February 18, 2013

All for Nothing?

I paid large sums of money to sit in a continuing education course all weekend long to have my brain refreshed about exercise.  Specifically, new approaches to exercise.  It was a good course with knowledgeable speakers.  We lucked out (I think) and had the founder of the company and the course as our instructor and he brought a whole troop of his yes men with him.  I could have done without the egos.
The information would be more applicable if my patients looked like my daughter above and less like they can't remember who I am. It turned out to be a high level orthopedic course, excellent for athletes and generally people who can walk into the clinic unassisted (which rules out all of the patients I see).  I battle daily with coaxing people out of their chairs for more than just trips with their walkers to the bathroom and kitchen.  Oy.  Their mantra: make me better but I don't want to do anything to encourage that to happen.
Certainly I can get creative, modify the exercises and apply when necessary.  I can do it.  This money will not be wasted.  If all else fails I'll use the information on myself and hopefully become a better runner.  Speed squats anyone?

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