Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thinking about...

Today I'm thinking about little yellow dinghies,

sunbleached oystershells in driveways

and solitude on the water.

Am I the only one?

Oh, and of course this house and how I might want to make it eventually look something like this, but I'm not obsessing or anything.


Beth said...

I love old houses, too - sometimes I can't get them out of my head - Generally I think I'm willing to pack it all up and move to restore the old bones because I know it's likely no one else will. These old houses have souls, it seems to me. You won't be shaking that one for a while - it seems ideal .... look inside???

amy said...

oh, I totally wanted to snoop around and peek through some windows, but had visions of farmers and guns and decided against it!