Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The state of things

I've come to realize that we're the kind of family who sees the good in things other people might not. You have an old farmhouse kitchen island that needs some TLC and a new home? We're just the ones to take it in. Don't want your old riding lawnmower that won't run? Go Kart that needs serious repairs? Minibike? Generator? '57 Chevy? Oh yes, we have all of those rejects, the last ones of course go straight to my husband and somehow in very short order are running and functioning probably better than ever before. Well, all except for the car, that's still in a million pieces in the barn, but if I know my husband it will run one day.

But the biggest surprise so far, hands down, is this exceptional, fantastic, smart-as-a-whip border collie we were given. They didn't want him. He didn't fit their family, he had a few little quirks, needed a little structure, a schedule, a fence, walks on a leash, a buddy and a family to love him no matter what. He found us, pure and simple and things are better than ever.

And when you hear the old cliche that opposites attract, I give you proof in the form of dogs.

First, we have Sunny. While she looks quite regal in this next photo, just about everything she does reminds me of the first dog encountered in the movie, "UP". Have you seen it? Well, there's this slightly dense and goofy dog in the movie who is nothing but a wiggly, jiggly, perpetually happy mess.

Sunny: "You have ball? You want me to chase? I chase ball, I bring you ball. (wiggling) You have ball? You want me to chase? (runs into me) I chase ball, I bring you ball, I lick you all over face. I love you. You have ball?"

You get the picture.

And then we have Quill who sits gently at your feet, looks straight up into your eyes with deep concentration and attention.

Quill: "Would you like me to reorganize your kitchen cabinets for you? I'd be happy to. You say your checking account needs balancing? I'm your man."

Goofy and the guard dog.

The licker and the listener.

Puppy and Prince.

Luckily, opposites attract.

And even highly trained dogs can let loose every once in a while. With the proper incentive.

A match made in heaven for sure.


Helena said...

They look soooo happy!!! Congratulations for your great family.

Pam said...

As a new puppy owner, I love this post. They look so happy together.