Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Get Lost

While I may think I know where I'm going, that I have at least some of the answers, and that my life is on the right track, time away usually reminds me that I could use some improvement. A rut forms when we go through the same paces without time for contemplation, for an alternate tempo, different scenery, new relationships. Slowing down and changing the channel for a time is the only way to really see, to hear, to listen, enjoy, embrace, think, sleep, eat, feel.

And while the idea of getting permanently lost is tempting,

I realize that it isn't necessary,

that "to do" lists aren't terrible,

but they certainly aren't everything, and that putting them down for a time makes them easier to come back to. And when we do come back, we can see them from a new angle and with priorities straight.

My kids often ask me why we (humans) have to go to sleep. Bedtime isn't a favorite of theirs as it interferes so with play and other important things like more play. But it isn't just sleep that without which we would all lose our minds, but it is rest as well that we all really, honestly, cannot live normally without.

So I hope you too can find the time, here and there, to sneak away and come back better than ever.

I've added it it to my new "to do" list.

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